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2D & 3D floor plans

2D floor plans
: 2D floor plans provide a simple solution to create traditional architectural drawings (floor plans to scale, wall detail, sections). The advantages of 2D floor plans include speed, precision and simplicity. The digital transferability allows quick information flow between the designer and the customer.

3D floor plans: The emergence of 3D floor plans was a big step from 2D floor plans drawing softwares. These systems use different colors, patterns, materials (stone, metal, wood, glass, fabric) to providing a realistic image for non-professional users. It offers a simple visual overview. Within a guided tour you can navigate yourself through the rooms and explore the furniture. This feature makes it possible for users to get a real feel for their prospective home. Likewise, by displaying shadow and light effects we can show you the night-time and daytime view of the place.

Construction site supervision and execution

For us to fulfill your expectations and to be better adapted to meet your needs, here is an overview of our work processes:
  • Personal consultation (by the end of each workflow)
  • On-the-spot asssessment
  • Prepare offers and cost estimates
  • 2D and 3D floor plans (available on request)
  • Place order for furniture pieces
  • Shipping (according to agreement)
  • Furniture installations (according to agreement)

E-mail: studio@vadesign.hu Mobil: +36 30 400 1945 Cím: MaxCity lakberendezési Áruház, 2045 Törökbálint, Tópark u.1/A fsz. 012 üzlet
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